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El Ave Lider

Mas, mi angustia reprimiendo, conforteme repitiendo: "- Es sin duda unvisitante quien, llamando, busca entrar; un tardio visitante que a mi cuarto busca entrar: eso es todo, y nada mas".

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Dije; abri de par en par: sombras fuera, y nada mas. Largo tiempo, ante la sombra, duda el anima, y se asombra, y medita, y suena suenos que jamas oso un mortal. Todo calla, taciturno; Pude alli quizas un nombre: "Leonora", murmurar, y, en retorno, supe el eco: "Leonora", murmurar; esto solo y nada mas. A mi cuarto volvi luego. Mas, el alma toda en fuego, senti un golpe, ya mas fuerte, batir claro el ventanal. Y el enigma aclare ya: Corazon, quieto un instante!

Y el enigma aclare ya: es el viento, y nada mas". Dejo francos los batientes, y batiendo alas crujientes, entra un cuervo majestuoso de la sacra, antigua edad.

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  • Ni aun de paso me saluda, ni detienese, ni duda; pero a un busto que en lo alto de mi puerta fijo esta; sobre aquel busto de Palas, que en mi puerta fijo esta, va y se posa, y nada mas. Frente al ave, calva y negra, mi triste animo se alegra, sonreido ante su porte, su decoro y gravedad. En plutonicas riberas, cual tu nombre senorial? Me admiro, por cierto, mucho que asi hablara el avechucho.

    Selected Poems of Luis de Gongora: A Bilingual Edition (Spanish Edition)

    No era aguda la respuesta, ni el sentido muy cabal; pero en fin, pensar es llano que jamas viviente humano vio, por gracia, a bestia o pajaro, quieto alla en el cabezal de su puerta, sobre un busto que adornara el cabezal, con tal nombre: Nunca mas. Pero, inmovil sobre el busto venerable, el Cuervo adusto supo solo en esa frase su alma oscura derramar. Y no dijo mas en suma, ni movio una sola pluma. Y yo, al fin: "- Cual muchos otros tu tambien me dejaras.

    It makes us aware of the text as text and offers us at the same time a distanced point of view. Indeed, the frame is a point of view, as I have noted elsewhere In this sense, her connection with a reality beyond the pages of the text seems tenuous here. But not illusory. Hence any remarks on the autonomous reality of his fictional art, of which we see tantalizing glimmerings here, must be tempered by our awareness of that fact.

    First of all, his life-long interest in painting and drawing is well-documented And second, the dissemination of Japanese prints and other curios was widespread throughout the second half of nineteenth-century Europe. Indeed, there was a veritable craze in the West for things Japanese, for bibelots and other knick-knacks.

    It was a vogue whose high point was reached between the years and ; and by the late s, it was even an affordable one, as prices dropped due to the flooding of the European market with by then inferior Japanese products Tristana's alabaster doll-like appearance, often attributed to the ideological influence of Ibsen, could just as easily be a reflection of the Japanese porcelain dolls then popular in Europe.

    Los hilos del corazon (Spanish Edition)

    More importantly, Japanese xylography exercised a radically new influence on impressionist and post-impressionist art of the last century. The flat-looking presentation, the decorative treatment emphasizing form and color for their own sake, the use of borders to suggest the autonomous nature of the work of art, a non-Renaissance conception of space in which the subject is often decentralized and point of view demonstrated from unusual angles, the inclination toward simplified forms, all these elements found in such Japanese artists as Hokusai and Utamaro were absorbed and reinterpreted by Western painters, beginning in the s with Manet and Whistler and continuing with Degas, Monet, van Gogh, Gauguin, Seurat, Toulouse-Lautrec, and many others.

    Thus the Japanese qualities attributed to Tristana are doubly fitting. She is, in effect, her creator's literary objet d'art , his own version of a Japanese print. This initial portrait of Tristana, with its verbal brush-stroke qualities of flatness and delicate precision suggesting a knowable surface reality, is both genuine and deceptive.

    Tristana's indeterminateness, her mutability as a character will be demonstrated repeatedly as, chameleon-like, she passes through in record time a series of artistic apprenticeships in her effort to become successively a full, fledged painter, actress, and musician. Indeed the only way we can even attempt to define Tristana is as an art object struggling to transform herself into an artist.

    But it is significant that with Tristana this second and more active role remains to the very end an incipient one, even as she sheds yet one more set of characteristics -as an organist a lo divino - to assume the delectable and domestic mask of pastrymaker. This succession of selves, glimpses of which we are permitted to see in Tristana, is but a fictional hall of mirrors, the mere illusion of self, as the protagonist restlessly moves from one artistic toehold of personality to another and, in the process, erases, even forgets, what came before in the very making and unmaking of her persona.

    When the reader's notion of a center becomes disoriented, at times even lost, when he can no longer find the reassuring lines of the novel as a progressive construct of personality, such as we traditionally see in nineteenth-century forms of realism, then a tremendous tension is set up in the house of fiction. For, as we know, Tristana's persona cannot be confined to this seemingly one-dimensional perspective. Indeed, she continually defies all attempts to demarcate in a clear synthesis the contours of her character. For just as art was beginning to conceive of the object qua object in its progress toward the abstract, paradoxically, it was also to lose its sense of the transcendent as the very reason for its being.

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    Cardo Santo, Chicalote. Living-Rock Cactus.

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      Bauhinia sp. Pony Tail Palm. Palma Barrigona, Soyate, Sotolin. Borago officinalis. Bougainvillea sp. Bouteloua curtipendula. Navajita, Banderilla. Bouvardia ternifolia. Contrahierba, Mirto. Mexican Blue Palm. Buchloe dactyloides. Bumelia lanuginosa. Caesalpinia pulcherrima.

      Tabachin, Tabaquin. Mercadela, Reinita. Campsis radicans. Bandera, Chancle, Coyol, Platanillo. Carya illinoinensis. Cassia alata. Candlestick Plant.

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      Flor del Secreto, Tarantana. Indian Paintbrush. Calzon de Indio, Hierba del Cancer. Celosia cristata. Celtis pallida. Spiny Hackberry. Palo Blanco, Combro. Centaurea cyanus.

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      Cabezuela, Pinceles. Cestrum nocturnum. Night-Blooming Jessamine. Galan de Noche, Huele de Noche. Chamaemelum nobile. Chenopodium album. Lamb's Quarters, Pigweed. Chenopodium ambrosioides. Epazote, Epazotl, Ipazote. Chilopsis linearis. Desert Willow.