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This is what it says. Did we grasp what the text is saying? John, this means that we are going to be sitting on the throne of the universe, the throne of God! Now, this has nothing to do with New Age teaching that talks about the potential divinity of man or the potential greatness of man. Now, we will never be equal to Jesus Christ as to who we are because we are the creature and He is the Creator.

What that means is this. It is because of the solidarity of the family that we have that privilege. You see, angels will not have this privilege. Now, the text of Scripture is very clear, then, that we are to be like Christ to the extent that the creature can be like the Creator and participate with Christ in the rulership of the whole universe. Everyone dresses up for a wedding, right? As a Christian, as part of the Church, one who makes up the Bride of Christ, what will you be wearing?

Where will you get your clothes? The Bible gives us a very interesting answer to this question.

The End: Salvation, Judgment, and Rewards |

Listen: Lutzer: Well, you know, John, when you bring up the topic of weddings, all of us remember those happy occasions. I know that our daughter was married just a few months ago, and what a delight it is to see her and to see the new son-in-law that God has given to me. And everyone is always interested in how the bride is clothed. And you know, the Bible says there is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Listen carefully. And it was given to her to clothe herself in fine linen, bright and clean; for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.

You need two different suits in order to attend the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. First of all, you do need the righteousness of Jesus Christ. So we believe in Jesus Christ. And because they are so precious, we have the privilege today to prepare for that event.

The Particular Judgment

Encouragingly, the answer is yes. Listen: Lutzer: The fact of the matter is that everything we do is evaluated by Christ and becomes part of the equation. Somebody who, in a way that nobody knows about, is serving the Lord Jesus Christ and as a servant is doing all that they possibly can for Him. Let me give you some encouragement. Now is it possible that you as a Christian can lose rewards and privileges at the Judgment Seat of Christ that will impact you for all eternity?

And I could just say parenthetically that many of us want to be overcomers but we do not want anything to overcome.

The Rewards You Can gain or Lose at the Judgment Seat of Christ – Program 3

But the reason that God gives us temptations and trials is so that we can become overcomers to rule with Jesus Christ. And just as we talked about the glories of what we can win, so to speak, what we can gain, the Bible also has warnings about what we can lose. Listen carefully to the words of Paul. Now, notice the contrast that we can see here between these two kinds of materials.

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You could have in your hand gold, silver, and precious stones and it would be of much more value than a whole field of wood, hay, and stubble. So it is not so much the quantity of what we do but the quality. Is it done for Christ? Is it done because we want to please Him or is it just an opportunity to showcase our own abilities? The other thing that you have to realize is that the natural eye sometimes cannot tell the difference between these materials. And the real question is, after the fire has burned everything off, what is left?

But God will and the fire will. And also, it may well be that our works are turned into these kinds of materials, and so it would be possible for Jesus Christ to completely evaluate us without us seeing our sins directly. But everything that you and I do today I am either building with gold, silver, or precious stones, or wood, hay, stubble. Ankerberg: Do you remember the parable Jesus told in Matthew 25 about servants who were given different talents by their master? Some were faithful in using the talents; some were unfaithful. Possibly, this parable is describing how some Christians will gain and some will lose rewards at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Listen: Lutzer: I think that what all of us would like to do is to have a picture of someone who suffered loss because it only seems very conceptual until we actually see the individual. You know the story.

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And there was one man who was unfaithful. What did he lose? Well, first of all, he lost the approval of his master. Some people think that this unfaithful servant was not a Christian, and I can appreciate those who interpret it that way. But I think that there is a real important lesson to be learned here.

And then the man was disciplined. He still was a servant, but he had lost something very important. He was not given authority over all of the cities. We always come back to that. The Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ. I see it as the most incredible motivation one could ever have. Ankerberg: What we have been talking about today are the rewards that you as a Christian can gain or lose at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Lutzer summarizes the rewards that you and I as Christians can lose in eternity for unfaithful living now. What can you and I lose? Most important is we can lose the approval of our Master. It means you will have to stand before God someday, and God will judge all the sin and rebellion in your life.


We even long for it ourselves at times. What does the Bible say about judgment and eternal rewards, especially for the believer in heaven? We are going to answer three questions in our message this morning.

Reader Interactions

First of all, what will happen on the Day of Judgment? The Bible tells us a number of things are going to take place. First of all, everyone will appear before the Lord for judgment. Now I meet a lot of people who seem to think that they are the one exception, but there are no exceptions to this rule. We get a more detailed description of this all in Revelation 20 which is rightly one of the most frightening passages in the Bible.

Earth and sky fled from his presence, and there was no place for them.