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With Henry Tsang and M. Travis V.

His most recent book of poems is Mannequin Rising New Star , which consists of a series of poems and photo collages that probe the internal effects of commodity culture. He received the Order of Canada in She is currently working on a monograph that involves the study of several female authors, including Sheila Watson.


His book on the status of screenplays within print culture is forthcoming from Manchester University Press. Anne Mounic is senior lecturer at Paris 3 Sorbonne nouvelle. She is currently working on the interface between literature and visual arts in the Pacific. He has been a general editor and the principle investigator for the Collected Works of A. Klein and of E. Pratt and is performing a similar role for the Digital Page. Harvey Quamen is an Associate Professor of English Literature and Humanities Computing at the University of Alberta where he teaches courses on cyberculture, postmodernism, science and technology studies, database-driven website design and literary computing.

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He is the Digital Humanities lead for the Watson projects. In so doing, these novels disrupt patriarchal hegemony, thanks to a constant blurring between reality and fiction, authority and subjectivity, inability and need to speak out, but also in a broader sense between local production and international distribution.

To this effect, the commercial context within which the novels are published represents a considerable part of her thesis, since they are in constant negotiation between submission to and subversion of the publishing policies of large-scale book houses.

Her research interests combine periodical studies, Canadian literature, and questions of cultural hierarchy. She is also a poet, and her first book, dear Hermes … U of Alberta P , is forthcoming in She is working with Dr. Like Conrad, he is a writer who has traveled broadly and who has brought that experience to bear in his art.

Yet Perken appeals to Deville too, for he embodies the ideal of the adventurer.

Charles Sorel’s Berger extravagant

That idea is a powerful one for Deville, and he puts it into play explicitly on several occasions. Two of those instances deserve attention. Moreover, it is legitimate to see both of the terms that I mentioned a moment ago, imagination and dissatisfaction , at work in this passage.

Will they not suffice to satisfy Deville, either? Adventure, after all, is a kind of heightened, sharpened experience, experience viewed through a narrative lens and organized according to principles of narrativity.

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A mythomaniac is someone who exaggerates the truth, who embellishes the truth, who imagines things because the truth alone is not satisfactory. More than anything else, it is a question of reach. That is, as much as he figured prominently in his own time, so too did he take his place in history. That is quite clear insofar as literary history is concerned. He remarks further that the young Loti had been inspired by Henri Mouhot.

Thereby, Deville traces an affiliation in which he, too takes his place—all the while recognizing that Malraux is an exceptionally hard act to follow. Likewise, when he invokes Nicaragua or the Sandinistas 22, 65, 85 one thinks of Pura Vida. More interesting still are passages where both of those prior texts come into play.

Katherine Kurtz

In one of those, Deville mentions Pierre Brazza and then quickly thereafter William Wilson , sketching in the lightest of strokes two of the central figures in the broad historical panoramas that he paints in Equatoria and Pura Vida. That difference is everywhere apparent: in the conception of the texts, in their execution, in the concerns they display, in the way that they attempt to engage the world, in the inflections of their narrative voice, in the stance they adopt toward the reader, and so forth.

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  • H-France Review, Volume 15 (2015).
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Deville has not said a great deal about that process, but the few things he has said leave little doubt that he went about it in a conscious and programmatic way. In that perspective at any rate, he remains faithful to the principles that have always animated his writing. He suggests that a great part of the satisfaction he derives from his craft is bound up in that process. The will to make things new is of course central in art; and in the twentieth century it became the signature imperative of the avant-garde.

More than anything else, it is a question of the search for new possibilities of expression in a literary genre that is—and indeed has always been—a significantly protean one. Eliza Bradley, The Wife of Capt. The visuals of the text in recounting the dangers she is exposed to depict her as riding on a camel -exotic as well as erotic-, and reading in a tent in the middle of nowhere.

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Mary Velnet, an Italian Lady, who was seven years a slave in Tripoli, three of which she was confined in a dungeon, loaded with irons, and four times put to the most cruel tortures ever invented by man, is another sensationalist work, published possibly in The visuals of the text highlight the nakedness and bondage of the female body in the hands of the wild dark men.

The title of this work reads History of the Captivity and Sufferings of Maria Martin, who was six years a slave in Algiers, two off which she was confined in a dismal dungeon, loaded with Irons, by the command off an inhuman Turkish officer. Therefore, in these texts the nationality of the women vary, but she remains a white European. There are slight changes to the exact locale of the fantasy, and the identity of the torturers, too.

While the AngloEuropeans enslaved their Others, and were busy creating fabulous sufferings of fictional white women, in the Muslim world slavery raged on as well, as both men and women, European and African continued to be sold into slavery.

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With the introduction of the genre of novel to the Ottoman empire in late 19th century, novels that either represent or entirely focus on slavery appeared. Notwithstanding their revolutionary agenda back in their day, the covers of the contemporary prints of the texts conflate slavery with erotic fantasies of harem and bear witness to the auto-orientalising tendencies at work today. Therefore, the Westernising Ottomans are already positing Egypt as the location of slavery and concubinage, and trying to set a physical as well as a mental distance between themselves and the practice of slavery.

However, it was only by that the Slave Market in İstanbul was closed. Likewise, in African slave trade was banned in the Ottoman Empire. Nevertheless, the practice or slavery firmly withstood the newly passed laws and it was only by the founding of the Turkish Republic that slavery was actually abolished. When a second generation British subject is married off into the East, to Yemen in particular, will that constitute slavery as the title of the book suggests?

Or will that simply constitute kidnapping?

Un cabinet d'amateur — Wikipédia

But what if the father of the girl is an accomplice? Will it then become an arranged marriage or yet again slavery as the autobiographical account suggests? The Mohsens are indeed a prolific family, and the mother writes a book on the same theme, too which is named Without Mercy.

It can be argued that even the name of the book echoes the Early Modern fictional texts that profess to be autobiographical, and thus seek sensation which inevitably raises the question of the amount of intervention by the co-author to boost the sales figures. Throughout the text the Orient and the Occident are coded as irreversibly at odds with one another in every respect, while the main dichotomy is presented in terms of the gender inequality that persists in the East. Furthermore, the misdeeds of private individuals are made into essentialist statements, and overall a case of arranged marriages and the receiving of dowries is posited as if actual slavery still persists in a broad portion of the world, that is the entirety of the East.

Consequently, are such overstatements normalising the possibility of slavery, reducing it to an ordinary event in the contemporary Middle East? Today on the other hand, the Middle Easterner is enslaved by the second generation Easterners coming back from Europe, to establish the Islamic State in the East.

DAESH objectifies both male and female bodies, yet utilises those bodies differently. Thirty-five recommendations were selected, and concerned indications for fertility preservation, contraindications for ovarian stimulation in the context of fertility preservation or for infertility management , contraceptive options especially hormonal ones , and menopause hormone therapy for each tumor type. Overall, prudence has been recommended in the case of potentially hormone-sensitive tumors such as sex cord tumors, serous and endometrioid low-grade adenocarcinomas, as well as for high-risk serous borderline ovarian tumors.

In the context of a scarce literature, a formal consensus method allowed the elaboration of guidelines, which will help clinicians in the management of these patients. All rights reserved. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Didn't get the message? Find out why Add to Clipboard.